Thursday, 31 July 2014

Significant Tips for Android Application Development

 Android has become one of the highly popular operating systems. It helps in making various user-friendly applications for mobiles and tablets. This blog gives you an idea of the benefits of using it.
In the recent past years, android application development has shelled out in the market. From Smartphones to tablets, android is now everywhere. With the help of android, companies can make various applications for the ease of users and customers. It is an open source platform that enables the developer to bring a huge popularity in the market by making things easy.
There are various android application developers in the market, who rigorously develop a variety of applications and feeds using up-to-date technical and sophisticated advancements in order to make sure that applications will not breakdown and contains no bugs. Moreover, android based applications are highly trustworthy and robust as compare to other platforms.
There are several benefits of using android application; few of them are listed below:-
  • As Android is Linux based, it enables simple contact with core mobile device functions.
  • It enables to meet information fast and also gives accurate user request in return.
  •  It offers easy to use development tools by reducing the developmental cycle
  • It offers easy to use development tools by reducing the developmental cycle....

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

All About Dedicated Server Hosting

What is Dedicated Server Hosting 

Dedicated server hosting is a server which is not shared with anyone else. It is quite different from shared hosting, which can be used with more than one client associated with the same server. With the dedicated hosting, a client can select his known operating system, hardware and other relevant components.

The main purpose of dedicated server hosting is to enable a company to make your website visible on the Internet. To fulfil the same, hosting firms assign a space on a server, which is owned by its customer. Companies offering hosting services generally offer add-on services like server administration. Also, firms offering hosting service have a separate data center, which provide constant power supply and the perfect working environment.

Below are some of the essential components required for a dedicated server web hosting:-
  • Operating system
  • Bandwidth
  • Security
  • Server management
  • Limitations  
There are several dedicated server web hosting firms in the market. They provide customizable packages to the client at reasonable rates...
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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Evomantra Makes Use of Social Media Optimization an Easy Task


Social media optimization (SMO) helps in optimizing business presence on social network websites for generating traffic. With the help of SMO, a website can gain huge popularity and high ranking on the search engines. SMO helps a company in several ways, such as by uploading videos, contributing on forums and blogs. The firms offering social media optimization services use social media websites in order to popularize its product and service. There are a number of tips that are followed by a Social Media Optimization Company India, some of them are:-

1. Online socializing
2. Content
3. Observe the traffic
4. Create groups

Apart from above mentioned points, social media optimization also provides a good help to business in order to make their products and services affordable and promote on the global market....

Monday, 28 July 2014

Improve Your Business with an E-commerce Website

Are you planning to open an e-commerce website? If your head nods to a yes, here are some important and common SEO strategies that can help your e-commerce website in gaining popularity.
Today, e-commerce has become one of the significant ways to sell the products and services to the potential buyers. And if you are a business owner and planning to launch an online business, you will certainly feel the need to avail e-commerce SEO services. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that enables a website to acquire a higher ranking in the search engines. Though site layout and hosted services are also important, a website can only make its presence felt when the world knows about its existence. Here comes the role of SEO as the portrayal of the website existence is strongly dependent upon its marketing....

Thursday, 24 July 2014

All About E-commerce SEO Services

Today, various start-ups and offline market are moving towards online marketing and developing their e-commerce websites for selling their products and services. However, online marketing and advertising e-commerce sites are completely different from established offline shops. And here comes the role Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it decides the prosperity of an e-commerce store. SEO helps in attracting a huge traffic, along with potential customers to the website...... 
 .....There are a lot of companies that offer E-commerce SEO services using different strategies which work in the favour of your website. However, even your company needs to work on few important strategies for improved e-commerce SEO. Below are few most important ones.
  • Decide budget for SEO
  • Hire a website developer
  • Appoint authentic e-commerce SEO service provider
  • Know about the competitors
  • Website content     
An expert e-commerce SEO service provider plays a vital role in setting up and running an online business...
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How Social Media Marketing Can Promote Your Brand?

The advancement of technology has helped Internet in becoming one of the most relevant tools for business. Since the time, the world has become online, things have changed and so the vision of people. From socializing to shopping, today people are doing everything online. Similarly, from business promotion to taking feedback and selling of the products and services, companies prefer World Wide Web. And one of the most important parts of online marketing is Social Media Marketing Services.....

......However, the question that arises is how will you find that one expert who can help you build a repute image online. Below are a few tips, which will help you in understanding a genuine Social Media Marketing Services expert.
  • Understand your requirements:It is very important to understand both your and website’s requirement. You might be clueless about the term Search Engine Optimization, but preferably read about the expression beforehand. Keep your questions ready and make sure before finalizing a firm or an expert; you are all satisfied with the service. Check their working procedure and the tools thoroughly. 
  • Strategy:Another important point is to check the strategies of your service provider. Go for proper scrutinizing of the strategy and only approve when you are fully pleased.
  • Support:  The best SEO service provider works round- the- clock for the support of the customer. They first of all understand the need of a customer and then starts working with all sought of transparency with the client.
With the help of a trustworthy expert, your brand can gain a significant visibility....

Monday, 21 July 2014

5 Rules to Hire the Right Social Media Marketer

Follow these 5 simple yet effective rules to hire the best candidate for the role of social media marketer for your company.
Every company wants to have a strong and influential presence on social media platforms and networking websites. But only a few get to be like that. So what is the deciding factor which separates the two? The answer is simple – the minds behind the social media presence of the company. So next time who are about to hire a social media marketer for your company, follow these six simple rules and make a prudent choice.
  • Look for Experience
  • Editing is Must
  • Community Management Expert
  • Consistency is Key
  • Knowledge and Clarity    
Hiring the right candidate will ensure a popular and powerful presence for your brand in the social circle....

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Why Reputation Management is Absolutely Necessary for Your Website

The biggest scourge of businesses nowadays is a negative review. Since most of the businesses have a website and a social media presence, there is a huge chance of negative things being written about them on review sites and local listing websites. There could be many people behind such review – an unethical competitor business, a past employee with a grudge, or just someone trying to have lame fun on the internet. But whoever the source may be, even a single such review can be potentially very dangerous and cost your business a number of customers and the reputation that you worked so hard to build. This is precisely why reputation management is absolutely necessary for your business and should always be your priority.
Reputation management, or online reputation management (ORM), is the practice of keeping a close watch on what is being written about your brand, its products and service, its customer experiences, or its employees. It also involves reporting any such negative review and pushing it so far behind in the pecking order on Google that no one accesses it, or even removing the link permanently.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Responsive Website Design Boosts Customer Loyalty

Responsive website design is a technique of website development where one website is developed and optimized in such a way that it is viewed with equal ease and efficiency on any size and type of screen. In today’s age where laptops, tablets and smartphones are becoming increasingly, developing a different website for each screen size is not just a cumbersome process but is also very costly and time-consuming. Also, in a traditional website one size cannot fit all, so a single website cannot be viewed efficiently on every type of screen size because it is only meant for a single type of screen, e.g. laptop or PC. Hence, the need of the hour is a website that can adapt to the screen accordingly.......

.......A responsive website design for your business is must to keep pace with everyday technological advancements. It not only benefits your business greatly, it also offers a good ROI and thus business owners must not think twice before getting one developed for their enterprise..... 
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Monday, 14 July 2014

5 Big Benefits of Having a HTML5 and CSS3 Powered Website

HTML and CSS have long been the web developers’ best friends. Together, they have built the web with platform-independent websites. Built with the intention of creating websites suitable for all platforms, these scripts find support in all major web browsers on PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Due to this platform independence and versatility, these are the most preferred scripts when it comes to building websites. The latest releases of HTML and CSS are known as HTML5 and CSS3 respectively and offer a host of added features, better performance and breathtaking graphics for the modern, new-age websites. Here are the top 5 benefits of HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Better Ranking
  • Offline Browsing
  • Platform Independence
  • Cost Effective
  • Business Intelligence
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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

iPhone Application Development in India: A Trend on the Rise

If there is one trend that has seen constant upward graph, it is iPhone application development in India. With already huge market shares in the more developed parts of the world, Apple’s iconic upper class phone, the iPhone, has made its way into the Indian markets successfully. The numbers are increasing each day, thanks mainly to the hype and craze surrounding the device. Apple is not the leader for nothing. It has a lot of technological and hardware advancements to offer to its customers, and some immense customer loyalty that constantly keeps it on the top. Its revered operating system, the iOS, is known for the huge number of applications that it offers. The number of apps for iOS is more than the number of apps for Android, even though the latter enjoys a greater market share in terms of handsets worldwide. This makes Apple’s App Store a rich place to find any app that you need.......

.........An application serves multiple purposes, as mentioned above. And with the new companies and new functions popping up each year, iPhone application development in India will continue to see steady growth. It offers immense marketing potential for the companies, and growth opportunities for designers and developers who develop those iOS applications.